‘Leave me, I am’, Galerie Martin Van Blerk, 2015, Antwerp

In search for what is in transition, among people and within their surroundings, where time clearly left its traces.

My work is carefully staged, with a lot of attention and detail to composition and color. There dwells an erie atmosphere within the photos, strongly intensified by the use of gentle, earth tone colors. By cropping the limbs of the subjects, these characters transform into objects, making their doing more important than their being.

Frustration, grief and powerlessness are the centre topic throughout the main theme, dealing with forgetfulness and letting go.

These images are from the series ‘One window, a thousand views’, in which I, as a photographer, try to investigate the inner mental state of my dementing father, and how this illness controls the daily life.Invitation Facebook Manu

All works are in a limited edition of 6, Hahnemülhe print on dibond